2020 has been a great year for pumpkins at Cresecent Farms. We have an abundance of pumpkins and running a sale to blow out your surplus inventory of pumpkins. Garden Centers, school & church fundraisers, specialty grocery stands or anyone that can buy lots of pumpkins.

Wholesale PUMPKINS are available in many different variety at Crescent Farm. We are a large working farm farming over 600 acres. We have an average 45 acres of our farm planted in Pumpkins. Our pumpkins have done wonderful this year, the hot weather and irrigation worked out great for us.

Minimum Order : In order to qualify for wholesale prices you must place a minimum order of $300, and for delivery within a 20 mile radius of the farm you must place a minimum $500 order. We are located in Haverhill, Massachusetts and if you are not within 50 miles it is not financially feasible to buy from us wholesale. For more information please call Debby at 978-914-3158

mini pumpkin orange mini pumpkin white

Pumpkin Bumpkin

This cute little hybrid will make a great addition to any fall display. It has a nice shape and bright orange color. Its handle is dark green and strongly attached to the fruit. Another fine fall ornamental, Bumpkin is ideal for school tours.

Pumpkin Baby Boo

A miniature white pumpkin.

Baby Boo is a creamy white pimpkin.The fruit average 2-3" in diameter by 2" high and have a white flesh that is edible. Your customers will love the novelty of this cute little guy.

mini white with orange mini yellow with orange pumpkin

Pumpkin Lil Pump

This mini-pumpkin features orange and green stripes on a white background for a unique look that your customers will love. Lil’ Pump-Ke-Mon has a distinctive flattened shape with slight to medium ribbing emphasized by the orange and green stripes. This pumpkin will add color and interest to your traditional fall offering, especially when paired with Lil’ Orange Mon.

Pumpkin Hooligan

Multicolored mini ornamental. Here’s another unique ornamental that will bring interest and attention to your fall displays. Hooligan has a similar color pattern to our Lil’ Pump-Ke-Mon, but the fruit are smaller in size. The fruit have a white, green and orange mottled color pattern on their deeply ridged fruit and measure approximately 2" tall x 3-4" wide. A great item to mix in with our Munchkin to make a colorful display of mini pumpkins.

gourd grey gourd orange

Pumpkin Jarrahdale

Jarrahdale is actually a very good quality winter squash but it also makes a very interesting fall ornamental. Its decorative fruit are a slate-gray color with heavy, rounded ribs and weigh 6-10 lbs. As a squash, it is the favorite of Australians because of its thick, sweet, orange flesh of good quality. Jarrahdale is an excellent storage squash and will add interest and color to your fall displays.

Pumpkin Cinderella

Great for baking. This attractive ornamental is actually a squash that will add a vivid color to your fall retail displays. The flat, round shaped fruit weigh 10-15 lbs. and look like a cheese wheel. The orange flesh is moderately sweet and can be used for pies.

white pumpkin field trip pumpkin

Pumpkin Silver Moon

Silver Moon is a hybrid, white variety pumpkin. Its flesh is dark orange in color

Pumpkin Field Trip

Great for school tours.

Field Trip is an appropriately named variety for anyone catering to school tours at their farm market. Field Trip produces 5-7 lb fruit that have a deep orange color, moderate ribbing and a distinctive, long,well-rooted handle on semi-vining plants. The attractive, slightly flattened fruit are the ideal size for school children to carry from the field and then home from school.

medium orange pumpkin large orange pumpkin

Pumpkin Magic Lantern

Classic 16-24 lb. slightly upright fruit are produced on semi-vine plant. Fruit average 12 in. wide x 14 in. high and have an attractive dark orange color with medium ribs. Good crown sets are noted from growers.

Pumpkin Howden Biggie

The best big one around that you can still carry from the field.

For extra large pumpkins that command premium prices, Howden Biggie is the one to grow. It sits upright, bears variable ridging, and has true pumpkin shapes ranging from globe to tall globe. The dark orange fruit have thick flesh, which helps maintain their uniform shape. The stem is dark and strong, suited for carrying from the field. Howden Biggie averages 40 lbs. According to developer John Howden, Howden Biggie’s consistently even shape ove its range of sizes provides more marketable fruit.


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